‘This is a huge f****** slap in the face’: Caedrel on Worlds 2022 co-streaming rights controversy

He's not happy.

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On Nov. 1, Riot Games unveiled the list of streamers wholl have the honor of co-streaming the Worlds 2022 finals. The list is, as you may have expected, exclusive, only including several prominent League of Legends names. Unsurprisingly, this enraged the entire community and Marc Caedrel Lamon spoke openly about why this is a problematic move by Riot.

On the list that Riot shared, there are only five League streamers and content creators, including Sykkuno, Rita, Sangho Lee, Min Gyo Kim, and Ibai Ibai Llanos. This naturally disappointed many content creators that were looking forward to organizing their own viewing parties. Caedrel, an LEC caster and big-time esports fan, is among the disappointed and couldnt help but share his opinions on Twitter.

Caedrel believes this is a huge slap in the face to all hard-working streamers who were looking forward to this moment. This is a huge fucking slap in the face to league content creators who have been grinding co streaming all year long and are really really passionate about the league esports scene really disappointing to see tbh,” he said.

Although the community backlash only continues to grow, its highly unlikely Riot will make any sudden decisions and give smaller streamers an opportunity to co-stream the biggest League event this year.

The Worlds 2022 finals kick off on Nov. 5.

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