‘This game is so f*****g depressing’: Dr Disrespect regrets playing Warzone mere moments after dropping in

Dr Disrespect remains unimpressed with Warzone.

Popular YouTube streamer and head of Midnight Society Dr Disrespect slammed Call of Duty Warzone today, quitting the game after being shot out of the sky before he could even land.

The former Call of Duty map designer has been one of Warzone’s most vocal critics, publicly chastising the franchise’s battle royale countless times. Deeming Warzone’s past Operation Monarch as childish, Dr Disrespect previously said that Warzone hit “rock bottom” after claiming the game has seen a long decline.

Dr Disrespect’s animosity toward the battle royale title has led him to take a long break from Warzone. But recently, the YouTube streamer made the decision to jump back in. Quite expectedly, the livestreamer did not leave with any better impressions of the game and left the game after only a brief stint.

Only into his second lobby of his stream, Dr Disrespect began receiving fire shortly after jumping into the map. By the time he had landed, the streamer was already downed and quickly quit Warzone entirely before the game’s death screen could even appear, lamenting the game the entire way in a sing-song fashion.

“I don’t even know why I try anymore,” Dr Disrespect said before breaking out of his song. “This game is so fucking depressing. I gotta be honest man, this game is such a depression. When I play Call of Duty, I get depressed. That’s not good.”

While that one lobby may not have been reflective of the entire experience Warzone has to offer, it was enough to get Dr Disrespect to switch games entirely. After such a short and unsuccessful re-entry into the battle royale, it is unlikely that fans will see the Doc venture back into the title in the immediate future.

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