‘This feels pretty bad’: VALORANT lead speaks out after supposed art of Gekko leaks

The next agent has made his way onto the internet.

Unreleased art of what appears to be the next VALORANT agent, known as Gekko, has leaked onto the internet, giving fans their first look at a character that was expected to be revealed this weekend at VCT LOCK//IN. And many fans aren’t happy about yet another part of the game leaking before its reveal, particularly the game’s director.

The art depicts Gekko as a young adult, wearing clothing with a green color scheme and having short, yellow-dyed hair. He also seems to have various small creatures floating around him, though it is unclear what their relationship is to him and if they are central to his character. Outside of this art, no other information has been revealed regarding Agent 22.

Various members of Riot Games responded to the leak, noting that they were rather disappointed that yet another asset of the game leaked, this time in the form of an entirely new character that had only been teased over the past few weeks.

Welp, this feels pretty bad, Anna Riot Super Cakes Donlon, executive director of VALORANT, said on Twitter. Before the leaks occurred, she noted that the most recent teaser for Gekko that was released this morning had a lot of Easter eggs regarding his character and that she and the team were excited to provide more details about what they had been working on for seemingly a long period of time.

Similar sentiments were shared by Arnar Hrafn Gylfason, a member of the VALORANT team at Riot, who tweeted in response to the leak, Oh. We were hoping to introduce him. It is not clear where these leaks came from, though the response from various members of Riot indicates that this was indeed part of what they planned to show at VCT LOCK//IN.

Multiple teasers posted to social media by Riot have emphasized Gekkos relationship with his fellow agents, most notably Reyna, who he appears to be friends with and shares a Hispanic background. The tidbits of his personality shown in the teasers suggest that he is rather sly and laid-backnotably ignoring multiple calls and texts from Brimstone.

The official reveal of Gekko, VALORANTs next agent, is expected to be held before the grand finals of VCT LOCK//IN on Saturday, March 4. 

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