This fan-made WoW chart makes picking the right Primordial Stones simple

This will help you get to grips with Primordial Stones.

Primordial Stones, power-boosting gems added in Dragonflight Patch 10.0.7, are only a week old and have already marked themselves as one of the most controversial items recently added to the game with a couple of hotfixes under their belt and the community frivolously discussing their value. To settle the dispute among players and determine which classes should use Primoridal Stones and which ones will lose DPS, one World of Warcraft fan put together a chart that makes picking the right Primordial Stones simple.

On March 27, a WoW player pieced together a comprehensive chart that depicts the value Primordial Stones provide for each class and specialization in Dragonflight. The chart uses stats from WoW site Subcreation, and it’s based on top-performing logs from 16+ to 27+ Mythic+ dungeons.

While carefully studying the chart that tells you which Primordial Stones you should pick for your main class and spec, there are two main things you need to take into consideration. 

First, not all DPS specs will be happy to use Primordial Stones as the value-to-DPS ratio isnt that great. Currently, the only DPS specs that arent really keen on picking up Primordial Stones are ranged DPS classes like Fire Mage and Shadow Priest. Although many argue that socketed Onyx Annulet will consistently increase your damage by up to 10 percent, others say that procs cant make up for DPS loss because of losing secondary stats from regular Mythic+ and raiding rings.

Another point you should consider when choosing Primordial Stones is that best-in-slot gems will vary depending on the content you want to do. In simple terms, you should have one set of stones for Mythic+ dungeons and an entirely different set of stones for raiding. Healers, for example, should ideally use DPS Primordial Stones in Mythic+ dungeons and switch to healing ones in raiding as healing stones will not be much of use in dungeons and will mainly overheal your group. 

So, if youre not sure if you should grind rares in the Forbidden Reach for Zskera keys, carefully study the chart and mix and match the ideal Primordial Stones for your class and spec.

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