This failed Kayn invade is peak League of Legends experience

We've all been there.

Invades are high-risk, high-reward plays in League of Legends, which unfortunately go wrong more often than the players would like. One player experienced an invade that was the literal definition of a horrible play, and possibly of a typical League game.

A League’s subreddit user named NeverSeenAMoose posted a short clip yesterday, where his jungler Kayn absolutely fails the invade.

At first, Kayn was spotted by the enemy Zed nearby one of the entrances to the blue team’s lower jungle, hinting that he was possibly looking for openings to enter the enemies’ jungle. He tried going in again, this time through the dragon pit, but he was seen again. At that time, the Blue Sentinel had spawned, and Kayn’s teammates were ready to leash the monster for him.

Kayn had other plans, though. He approached the enemy’s red buff once again, flashed over, and tried to steal it, however, he was unsuccessful. With a level behind against the enemy’s jungler, Evelynn, Kayn started running towards opponent’s base, though there was no logical reason behind it since at this point his fate was already sealed.

Kayn seemingly tried to execute himself to avoid giving the kill to Evelynn, but he even failed at that. After dying, he did something all League players are familiar withdisconnected from the game.

While there are a bunch of ways of describing League, most players would agree that coming across teammates like this Kayn is more than a regular experience in the game, unfortunately.

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