This damage hero has become clear favorite in top Overwatch 2 ranks—and it’s not close 

She's way out in front.

Overwatch 2s diverse cast of heroes always has a frontrunner. Each update changes whos in charge, but one or two always stay ahead of the packespecially in top ranksand right now the meta seems to be leaning toward Tracer.

The speedy DPS hero has flown out into the lead in the Overwatch meta, according to May 21 Reddit post. Tracer was among the top three picks in North America, Europe, and Asia, charging ahead of the other damage characters.

The fastest damager hero eclipsed other powerful picks like Junkrat, Bastion, and Reaper in the May data. While the two other Overwatch categories, support and tank, seemed to be a little closer together, Tracer’s domination in the DPS selection pool was a clear outlier, suggesting that role has the clearest meta queen.

Across Asia and Europe, 311 of the top 500 players had Tracer in their three most-played heroes, while NA’s top 500 had 334 gamers maining the hero. The one-shot duo of Hanzo and Widowmaker came in second and third but were ultimately left in the dust.

Hanzo managed to claw his way to second with 214 in Asia, 188 in the EU, and 219 in NA, according to the May data summary, edging out sniper pick Widowmaker by nearly a full 100 picks across the board. Widowmaker garnered 221 picks in Asia, 172 in the EU, and 137 in NA, leaving her third but still well ahead of heroes like Cassidy.

Previous calls from players for Blizzard to nerf one-shot heroes like Widow and Hanzo havent been addressed by the devs, and it seems the top 500 is fairly happy to keep using this to their advantage in their ranked climbs.

Blizzard does take the best Overwatch heroes down a notch if they dominate too much and it seems Tracer is picked so frequently that another nerf swing may be on its way.

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