This damage hero boasts a huge win rate in Overwatch 2–but barely anyone is picking her

"If we continue upon this path, victory will be ours."

When picking a hero to main or play, especially in ranked matches, well often choose someone in the metaand this happens in all games, not just in Overwatch 2. But when a not-so-meta hero has incredible stats, they shouldnt be overlooked. Unfortunately, though, thats exactly whats happening with Symmetra.

Symmetra currently boasts a 53.75 percent win rate in competitive matches, according to stats tracking site Overbuff. It’s the highest of all the damage-dealing heroes, and she has the third-highest KDA. And while she hasnt been a favorite for some time, her pick rates have dropped so much that she is one of the least-picked DPS heroes in Overwatch 2.

She often loses out to heroes like Bastion, who does the most damage, Pharah, who is better at securing kills, or favorites like Cassidy and Genji. But she’s one of the best at securing objectives, so its surprising shes not picked more.

However, there may be a few reasons for this, including her kit being tricky to play. On top of that, she was once only doing well on specific maps and was very easy to counter. Combined, all of this put Symmetra in a bad light.

But one of the more notable reasons may be because her kit, which contains teleports, turrets, and barriers, requires teamwork and communication. And if youre playing without a mic or solo, it can be hard to incorporate.

Although her Photon Barrier ultimate received a nerf in one of Overwatch’s last updates on Feb. 7, 2023, (the cost of her ultimate was hiked by 10 percent), she has relatively been untouched these past few patches. But some players still feel the nerf, and several other changes made to her signature ability, have made her unusable.

While Symmetra is one of the best heroes to have on a team, especially when securing objectives, has the highest win rate, and has one of the highest KDAs for a DPS hero, she is, unfortunately, one of the least-picked heroes.

Maybe she holds the surprise key to your next Overwatch victories.

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