This compilation of Octane dying in Apex Legends trailers is hilarious and horrifying

Run fast... die fast.

Apex Legends‘ developer Riot shows off the various ways characters can die in its battle royale promotional videosbut it makes some go through a much harder time than others, especially Octane.

A player compiled all moments where Octane died in Apex trailers on a Reddit thread, and the developer truly got creative with how to dispose of the reckless Skirmisher.

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Octane isn’t the Legend who died the most in the Apex trailers, but he’s certainly the legend who was targeted by the most creative and ridiculous ways of dying. The Skirmisher was ended eight times in these videos, the humor compilation shows: he was killed in explosions, crushed, swallowed into a black hole, or simply drowned.

The video is both funny and horrifying. Reddit user CalebChaotix2 edited it to make it even more hilarious. Octane seems to be the favorite target for failure, which is in line with his impulsive personality.

“Typical Oct running to a full squad,” wrote the highest-voted comment under the thread. “Tries to 1v3. Dies, rage quits instantly. Refuses to elaborate further,” answered another.

Octane players have a reputation of matching their character’s personality in Apex matches and recklessly pushing enemies, with mixed results. In the Apex trailers, it appears it’s more of a miss.

Meanwhile, the latest Apex trailer showed the upcoming Legend Ballistic, who’ll be introduced alongside Season 17 on May 9.

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