This brilliant Junkrat play just made up for all the random grenade spammers in Overwatch 2

They certainly raised the standard for everyone else.

Overwatch 2 players that almost exclusively lock in Junkrat during matches on the competitive ladder have a very distinctly unpopular reputation. But one Junkrat main might have just redeemed them all, if their May 16 Reddit post is anything to go by.

The hero has extraordinarily high damage potential and can be exceptionally lethal in the right circumstances, but some players who try to use him in every possible context are oftentimes pegged as gamers that lack the aiming skill required to be effective with other heroes. There’s certainly a stigma that some players just randomly spam grenades with Junkrat because they lack the ability to do anything else.

But one player is out to prove that Junkrat has way more utility than many players give him credit for.

During the final point on the payload map Havana, Reddit user ImpracticalTokers’ fellow DPS was trying to hold off the enemy team with a nano-boosted Dead Eye as Cassidy. But as the clock struck high noon, enemies quickly sought cover behind the payload and around corners.

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Seeing that Cassidy could use a little bit of support, the Junkrat player lobbed a concussive grenade in the vicinity of the opposition and detonated it. Connecting with a few enemies, the bomb quickly popped players into the air, setting up Cassidy for a glorious three-kill ultimate. Without the help of this timely Junkrat zoning tool, two of their teams ultimate abilities could have bore fruitless results.

Junkrat might remain a notorious selection as a DPS hero because of the perception that he doesnt require aim to use and can be suboptimal outside of chokepoints. But plays like this are a quality example of just how much potential the explosive criminal from Down Under truly has.

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