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This Apex Legends mod makes Octane’s Jump Pad very unsatisfying

It's the nerf some people may want from the High Speed Daredevil.

The goal of mods is usually to make games look or work better, but what if they’re just chaotic? That’s the idea behind a new Apex Legends mod that takes all the gas out of Octane’s Jump Pad ultimate.

Venerated modder mokeysniper returns from his adventures in Titanfall-style wall running to show off what Octane’s jump pad would be like if it was, in his words, “a frustrating piece of Garbage.” The video, which was created in the R5 Reloaded mod client, features several examples of Octane’s pad not throwing legends as far as they would expect.

Using a jump pad is normally a fun, high-flying experience that takes players a long ways away, but mokeysniper’s jump pads only bump the player a short distance. The mod also removes the ability to double jump, which wouldn’t make sense anyway since legends are in the air for so little time that they don’t have the chance to jump again. Some of the video’s most unsatisfying moments include Pathfinder bumping himself a short distance after a dramatic grapple and Octane using several jump pads as leapfrog tools.

Octane is one of the game’s most-picked heroes and has been there for a couple of seasons, despite nerfs intended to tone him down. Many players enjoy the sheer speed and movement potential Octane offers with abilities like Jump Pad and his movement stim, as evidenced by the positive reception of the Titanfall wall-running video and another mod that created CS:GO-style surfing on World’s Edge. Who would have thought that scootin’ and lootin’ would be so fun?

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