This analytical post-match Apex feature would help players win way more games

Players are obsessed over this idea.

Apex Legends is a game where aiming is essential to your performance, but game sense can’t be underestimated. To improve this aspect of your gameplay, a player suggested an idea that could make a huge difference.

A player shared a post-game travel and kill log suggestion in a Reddit thread on April 26 that rapidly gained traction. With a simple edit, they drew a line showing a route tracking the player’s rotations throughout the game and highlighted places where the action happened, such as kills, deaths, and revives.

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Knowing all this information after ending a match would be a great way to improve game sense, and strategy, and identify a player’s flaws from a macro perspective.

The idea received an overwhelmingly positive reaction from Apex fans. Many even said they were confused why the battle royale still didn’t feature a way for players to get in-depth data about their matches.

Many other competitive games feature precise data to help players reflect on their performance, such as VALORANT and PUBG. Although Respawn Entertainment has never mentioned bringing this feature to Apex, that doesn’t mean it won’t come to the game in the future.

Meanwhile, the Firing Range is being targeted by changes in the upcoming season. Season 17 will also see the return of World’s Edge and will bring the next legend, Ballistic, to the roster on May 9.

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