This 7-foot Mordekaiser cosplay is a towering presence

I would hate to get on the bad side of this seven-foot behemoth.

A cosplayer took on the unenviable task of creating a towering seven-foot Mordekaiser costumeand the finished product is nothing short of extraordinary.

The detailed reproduction of Mordekaiser’s outfit comes from cosplayer Harry McAdam, who “started envisioning” the costume in April 2021, according to the creators Instagram. The idea of designing such a cosplay seemed daunting at first. He wanted to build all the signature pieces of Mordekaiser, from the champions signature green ghostly glow to the Nightfall mace that has become synonymous with the Master of Metal. Shortly after, he began building the seven-foot behemoth one piece at a time, all starting with the helmet.

McAdam scaled the helmet using a 3D model of his head. He then printed cut-down 2D templates of the helmet, which included special see-through LEDs to create glowing green eyes.

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