Third-person playlists coming to Warzone 2

Take on a new challenge in Warzone 2.

Season one of Warzone 2 will include a third-person playlist to give players a new perspective on the battle royale. 

With the release of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II, Infinity Ward put a new focus on playing the first-person shooter in a different way. This was introduced through third-person perspectives, which were added to the game upon its release. Players could play MW2 in third-person and spectate players from a different angle through the helmet camera. This third-person push by Infinity Ward has now expanded to Warzone 2.

This shift in perspective could completely change the Battle Royale fundamentals in Call of Duty, allowing for different visibility tactics and an altered, but still action-packed gameplay feel, states Activision in a recent Call of Duty blog post

While third-person mode will be a massive change to Warzone 2, it will not be the default mode for players. Instead, the third-person mode will be locked to a weekly playlist rotation to allow players to play the game mode occasionally and return to the traditional first-person view whenever. This playlist will be introduced to Warzone 2 alongside the season one release of MW2, which is set to hit servers on Nov. 16.

By selecting the third-person playlist option in Warzone 2, players will get to play against others also in third-person mode, making the playing field level unlike if the mode was introduced as a selectable option in the base Warzone game. More playlists and likely different versions of the third-person mode will come as Warzone 2 continues and more seasons are introduced to the game.

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