They ‘should be homeless’: Tyler1 vows to celebrate at Riot HQ if League balance team gets fired

The Twitch star shared his frustrations with the state of his favorite game.

Tyler1 is one of Twitch’s most popular streamers and is known for almost exclusively playing Riot Games’ hit MOBA League of Legends during his broadcasts. And during his stream yesterday, the 27-year-old called out the balance team behind the game and vowed to fly to Riot Games’ HQ to celebrate if they ever lose their jobs.

Riot Games has been making big changes to League of Legends recently, like the “durability” patch that gave every champion in the game receive a slight buff to their health and resistances back in May 2022. Since then, the team has continued to make sweeping changes to champions and items.

The community response to many of these changes has been split, and it seems that Tyler1 finds himself in the camp that dislikes the direction the game is headed. Midway through his July 27 broadcast, the Twitch star expressed his frustrations with the balancing team behind League of Legends.

“I think the casters are fine, all that team, the esports team; whatever, I think it’s fine, all those guys. I’m literally just talking about balance and client behavior; [they] should be homeless,” Tyler1 said. “If I ever see, like, ‘Riot Games lays off their balance team,’ I promise I will buy a ticket to California, I will get a lawn chair, like, confetti, signs, flags, and as they are carrying their boxes full of staplers, like fucking, tape, pencils all this shit out to their car, I’m gonna be out there heckling them and cheering. Woo! It’s about fucking time, you piece of shit! Fuck you! Woo!”

Tyler1’s main cause of concern seems to be the lack of output from the balancing team at Riot, pointing to the addition of being able to view which teammates honored each other in the latest League of Legends patch as proof that the employees are “stealing paychecks.”

This isn’t the first time Tyler1 has shared his frustrations with League and its balancing decisions. Despite this, the streamer still plays the game every day for thousands of fans on Twitch and shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

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