These Marvel Snap mistakes show how quickly your best strategies can backfire

Sometimes, doing tricky plays can make you lose.

Sometimes, the Marvel Snap strategies sure to make you win can backfire horribly and actually make you lose.

Wong is one of the best cards in the game for On Reveal decks, useful for White Tigress and Black Panther. Maybe don’t use Sentry and end up filling your right hand lane with -10 Power Voids though, like this player did. They retreated immediately, so Reddit user WhirlyBorange got some free cubes, nice.

This happened because Wong was placed in Onslaught Citadel, making On Reveal effects trigger a total of four times. And with Sentry being placed there, a total of four Voids were created in the Lemuria location. WhirlyBorange wasnt also sure what their opponent was expecting to happen in the first place upon doing that tricky play.

Riddle_me_brah, on the other hand, posted the Galactus play they did which turned out to be a magnificent power boost for Wolverine. They placed Galactus in the Ongoing Citadel location. Their opponent has Lizard, Wong, and Mystique that copied Wong placed there and played Gambit in the final turn.

Riddle_me_brah played first, so Galactus effect was triggered first, and eventually placed an eight-Power Wolverine alongside it. This was followed by the opponents play of using Gambits effect multiple times with the setup that they have. Though, it backfired in a devastating way, destroying and reviving Wolverine five more times and giving it a total of 18-Power. Riddle_me_brah eventually won the match and outscored their opponent. A supposedly destructive play turned out to be the key to creating a monstrous Wolverine in the process.

Another strategy that backfired was the play made by heythereJungles opponent. They played Galactus on turn six in the Rickety Bridge location. Here, all cards will be destroyed if there is more than one card there at the end of each turn. But in response, heythereJungle played Bucky Barnes there and eventually created the Winter Soldier as destroyed alongside Galactus because of the locations effect. This gave the win to heythereJungle, making the Galactus strategy their tool to victory.

None of us like it when our well-thought-out strategy backfires, but that’s the beauty of Marvel Snap. If you don’t think carefully, you can end up digging your own grave.

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