These DPS heroes are dominating the top of Overwatch 2’s ranked ladder

There is definitely a trend here.

More than halfway through Overwatch 2 season four, the roster of DPS heroes includes a wide array of possibilities, all of which can be effectively used in some capacity. But a few heroes stand out above the rest.

With resources like Overbuff only having access to public accounts, the easiest way to see what top players are using is to check out the games leaderboard, where you can see the three most-used heroes by each of the top 500 players.

A Reddit user shared some statistics they compiled from checking out the Overwatch 2 DPS leaderboard today and the results showed some variety. But there was a little bit of favoritism toward certain heroes as well.

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Though each of the games 17 DPS heroes makes an appearance as one of the three most-played heroes for a least a few players in the top 500 for each region, some are significantly more represented than others.

At the top of the list of most-played DPS in the top 500 is Tracer, and it doesnt take this chart to figure that out. The hero is listed as the first pick of nearly every player at the very top of the leaderboard. With strong solo-kill and one-vs-one potential as well as survivability through Recall and Blink, Tracer is regularly a popular hero among top players on the ladder.

Meanwhile, snipers served as the next in the popularity contest. Hanzo was the second most used by players in Europe and North America, but he was third in Asia. Widowmaker was in second place, according to the Reddit post.

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From there, the mid-ranged hitscan heroes Ashe and Cassidy stood out as having some decent representation compared to others, but there seemed to be a sizable falloff from Tracer, Widow, and Hanzo.

If youre looking to rank up to Grandmaster, you might want to take these stats with a grain of salt. While the top players in the world are playing these heroes, its important to understand that these people are just thatthe top players in the world.

Its worthwhile to practice and hone your skills as high skillcap heroes like Tracer and Widowmaker, but if the shots arent falling as Widow or youre struggling to survive as Tracer, you might want to veer toward something that fits your strengths.

Even though theres a meta for the ranked ladder, its worth keeping in mind that every DPS hero in the game is played by the top 500 players in some capacity. So maybe youre destined to be the next top 500 Torbjörn player.

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