These 4 specs owned the Mythic+ meta in WoW Dragonflight season one

The Dragonflight season one meta was particularly diverse and open, but these specs came out on top.

The first season of WoW Dragonflight is in the books, and the games dedicated Mythic+ players are ready to see a whole new slew of dungeons enter the pool tomorrow, May 9, when season two begins. 

Blizzards great experiment of resurrecting old dungeons and placing them into the current Mythic+ pool has paid great dividends as its opened the door for reinventions and expansions of strategy within the games meta. This season, the Mythic+ meta was incredibly varied, with strong options across all four of the games roles. Plus, with the gearing process being relatively simpler in Dragonflight, and the expansion as a whole being alt-friendlier than past versions of the game, it wasnt hard for average players to roll new characters and diversify the games pool. 

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Still, like any game, meta frontrunners emerged throughout the course of the expansions first season. And now that we can clearly look back on six months’ worth of data, its evident which specs stood head and shoulders above the field. 

Here are the top four Mythic+ specs from Dragonflight season one, sorted by the four roles in the game: tank, healer, ranged DPS, and melee DPS. 

Tank – Protection Paladin

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Although Protection Warriors slightly eked out Paladins as the most popular tank of season one across all keystone levels, the power of the Protection Paladin cannot be overstated. This season, the spec singlehandedly redefined the meta at the highest level of Mythic+, allowing groups to circumvent the need for a healer thanks to the specs consistent off-healing. Between a high skill ceiling and a midseason meta twist, Protection Paladins became the choice of high-level tanks. At keystone levels 25 and higher this season, Protection Paladins were present in over 55 percent of runs, according to WoW stats site

Healer – Restoration Druid

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Restoration Druids werent just the most popular healer in season one, they were the most popular spec in the game altogether. More Mythic+ dungeons were run in season one with a Restoration Druid present than any other spec, clearing other top-tier options such as Preservation Evoker and Restoration Shaman. 

Melee DPS – Havoc Demon Hunter

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Demon Hunters were the most popular melee DPS spec this season with a play rate of 13.9 percent in Mythic+ dungeons, according to Although other specs like Subtlety Rogue and Retribution Paladinwhich had a late-season surge in popularity thanks to its rework in Patch 10.0.7were both strong contenders in the meta, no spec was as popular or as effective as Havoc Demon Hunter this season. Across all levels of play, Havoc Demon Hunter was the most popular melee DPS spec in all eight of the dungeons in this seasons pool.

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Ranged DPS – Shadow Priest

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Shadow Priests were among the most popular ranged DPS specs in Dragonflight season one since their reliable mix of AoE and single-target damage made them a valuable choice in any dungeon. While one could argue that Fire Mages are more deserving of being mentioned here, Shadow Priests were a far more reliable option for the average player base, with Fire only being viable in the hands of those who could get the most value out of it. Shadow Priest was the fourth-most popular Ranged DPS spec this season across all keystone levels, but at levels +25 and up, it drubbed all other options with a pick rate of 21.8 percent, according to

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