These 4 champions are the biggest winners of LoL Patch 13.10

Get ready to abuse them in solo queue.

League of Legends Patch 13.10 hit the live servers on May 18, bringing a handful of changes to shake up the meta. Aside from champion buffs and nerfs, the developers brought game-changing adjustments to both the system and items.

Whenever this occurs, the League meta is bound to have greater imbalances than usual. Some champions can abuse items or effects more than others, making them the primary choice for carrying games. These are the five winners of Patch 13.10.

The winners of League of Legends Patch 13.10


AD assassins are popping off in the jungle meta and Rengar also benefitted from the lethality item changes of Patch 13.10. Not only did the developers make his first item spikes stronger but they also added more mobility to his combos now that Youmuus Ghostblade is a Mythic item. In an uncoordinated solo queue environment, hes the perfect pick to punish the squishy carries and invade enemy junglers.

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That said, the best thing about Rengar is the synergy with First Strike: the keystone rune gives him the chance to stack gold infinitely and extend his gold lead to snowball harder and harder. The numbers are proving his power: more than 52 percent in the highest parts of the solo queue ladder, according to U.GG

Mastering the champion, however, is not as easy as it seems: you must be a great jungle player who uses the in-game knowledge to find even the minimal advantage in all situations. The better you are at finding them, the stronger Rengar will get. It takes time to master the champion, but Rengar is definitely a pick you want to play this patch.


Who said Jhin is weak? The Virtuoso is undoubtedly one of the biggest winners among the ADCs of the patch thanks to the new Energized items and the buffed Galeforce. Stormrazor is perfect on a champion like him since he can quickly build up the stacks with the additional movement speed he gets in his build. 

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On top of that, his two-item spike is a lot stronger than before, making him the ideal mid-game marksman to carry the fights. His win rate went through the roof: 52 percent at platinum and above, according to U.GG, which shows how successful he has been over the last couple of days.

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The best thing about Jhin, compared to other meta ADCs, is his range. He can harass enemies with his auto attacks and abilities without getting traded in the process. He has almost no counter matchups, except Karthus, who is a niche pick and only played by a few players. In other words, hes the perfect blind pick for the patch and a marksman you must play to win games. 


While AD assassins are on the rise, so is Evelynn, the best magic damage jungler of the patch. In a meta where killing the enemy carries is the most important goal, stealth champions that can quickly 100 to zero targets are what you want the most.

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Despite not receiving changes, Evelynns win rate is well above the 50 percent threshold, according to U.GG. As long as shes able to get a lead, Evelynn can snowball and take over the game. Her passive makes her always healthy and hard to kill, and even if she finds herself in danger, she can use the ultimate to quickly get away. Her pick rate is not one of the highest but its constant across all Elos (near four percent, according to U.GG). If you need magic damage sources in the team, Evelynn is your No. 1 pick for the jungle.


The last big winner of Patch 13.10 is none other than the best scaling champion of the patch, KogMaw. The new Guinsoos Rageblade fits him like a glove and he can take advantage of all the effects it uses, especially the additional magic and armor penetration in the Mythic passive. As long as he can reach his core items, he can start dealing absurd DPS and take over the teamfights.

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Players are aware of his power and its visibly explained by his rising play rate: over nine percent at all ranks, according to U.GG, and a six percent increase compared to the previous patch. If you have great positioning and a good peeling team composition, hes the champion with the highest chances of carrying the late-game teamfights.

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