These 3 LoL junglers are your best pick to climb out of Bronze in Patch 13.9

They should improve your match history in no time.

If you’re a jungler main aiming to get out of bronze ranking in League of Legends, you should try three champions who are boasting the highest win rates currently.

Amumu, Rammus, and Lillia are currently the top three junglers in the bronze rank in League, according to stats site U.GG. They are sitting on 54.83, 53.93, and 53.38 percent win rates as of now, respectively.

Furthermore, these win rates aren’t an anomaly of any kind, since each of them also has a solid pick rate. Lillia is the least popular out of the three with “only” a 3.5 percent pick rate, followed by Rammus with 3.9 percent. Amumu, on the other hand, has an admirable 7.1 percent pick rate.

Still, if you’re a bronze player, you probably have seen these champions banned from time to time, and it’s no surprise. Rammus has accumulated a ban rate of 11.7 percent in Patch 13.9 so far, while Amumu and Lillia have a ban rate of 5.5 and 2.4 percent, respectively.

The fact these three junglers sit on top of the leaderboards in terms of win rate isn’t that surprising. Rammus has been overall one of the best junglers for the solo queue all season, while the other two received some buffs recently. Lillia’s damage to monsters was bolstered in Patch 13.8, while Amumu was handed a minor buff to his W in the recent Patch 13.9.

If you’re looking for the best ways to utilize these champions, you should try securing some early kills with Amumu and Rammus due to their gap closers and crowd control tools. On Lillia it’s a bit more tricky, but if you put some time into her, you should be able to easily land some skill shots. Naturally, they all excel after reaching level six, where you want to get in the middle of the enemy team and unleash your ultimate, which will have the most impact.

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And it’s not only the case in bronze. It turns out Amumu is the best jungler as far as the win rate goes in all ranks with 54.01 percent, according to U.GG. The other two are also at the top of the table with formidable stats. So, no matter which rank you are in, if you want to diversify your champion pool, you might give these three a chance.

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