These 2 League tanks have reigned supreme in the mid lane in Patch 13.1

How the turn tables.

Mid lane is usually home to mages and assassins in League of Legends, but lately, two tanks have dominated the position.

Singed and Zac have the highest win rate in the role in Platinum+ rankings, with the pair boasting 55.13 and 54.17 percent win rates, respectively, according to U.GG.

Both champions benefit a lot from one of the latest items added to the game, Radiant Virtue. With that under their belt, they increase their maximum health by 10 percent, while also healing and increasing their allies’ ability to haste significantly. As a result, they have become fantastic teamfighters who are often great assets once they’re on your side.

Furthermore, it allows both Singed and Zac to roam quite efficiently as early as level six. With their kit, ganking other lanes isn’t that hard. On top of that, Radiant Virtue also boosts their allies’ statistics, making it really tough for enemies to survive the ganks.

While it’s unusual to see those champs accumulate such high win rates in the game, it’s unlikely for anything to change soon. Radiant Virtue, Singed, and Zac won’t see any changes in the upcoming Patch 13.2.

Still, this state of meta has left some pro players displeased. Fnatic’s Humanoid expressed his dissatisfaction with the meta on Twitter on Jan. 13, sarcastically saying that Singed’s “perma roaming highest winrate mid” is a “really good game state.” He also added that it’s “easily counterable by the second most winrate mid Zac and u can just not lane as well and perma roam.”

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