There’s a dogfight over Storm Point in new Apex teaser

And it features a very familiar symbol.

Season 12 of Apex Legends is only a few weeks away, which means its about time to start seeing some teasers for the new season pop up in the game.

Respawn didnt disappoint this time around, staging a full aerial dogfight in the skies above Storm Point.

The teaser is now active on Storm Point. Players can see the dogfight take place from pretty much any vantage point on the map as the two fighter jets weave in and around the map at low altitude. The fight finally comes to an end to the southwest of North Pad, where players can see a bit of debris thats been separated from the wreckage.

As data miner Shrugtal notes, players can glean a few different things from this teaser. The most obvious is on a wingtip buried in black sand of Storm Point: the insignia of Salvo, the planet Fuse hails from. The last time players saw this logo, it was burned into various mountains and passages in Kings Canyon when Mad Maggie blew up large portions of the original Apex map during Fuses introduction to the Apex Games. 

The last we heard of Salvo, the planet had agreed to join the Syndicate. This, obviously, might have been complicated by Maggies actions on Kings Canyon. But Maggie died at the end of the season eight quest, right?

Well, her death wasnt shown. She fell from a great height and her death was assumed. And if the data miners are right, Maggie may very well still be alive. Shes long been rumored to be the new season 12 legend. With another reference to Salvo now live in the game, it looks fairly certain that life is about to become very complicated for Fuse.

The teaser is also interesting in that the downed fighter jet doesnt appear to actually crash or blow up in the sky, but blink out of existence while just a piece of the jet falls to the ground. The blueish, purplish aura is highly reminiscent of Singh Labs in Kings Canyon, the Phase Runner on Olympus, and Wraiths portals. Whoever was in that ship looked like they got away, going somewhere. Perhaps a map that hasnt been in the games rotation in a while?

Regardless of what the Salvo logo means and where that fighter jet actually went, season 12 is shaping up to be an explosive one in terms of story. And if Maggie is indeed the new legend, you can expect it to be explosive in gameplay as well.

With only a few weeks left in the current season, more teasers and trailers will be on their way that should reveal all. For now, keep your eyes on the sky.

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