Thebausffs explains why you should stop buying ‘dumb’ Doran items in LoL

Is Thebausffs a prophet?

Even birds outside of your window know you should start every League of Legends game with a Doran item. Iconic League streamer Thebausffs disagrees though and thinks Doran items are dumb, explaining why you should always look for alternative starting items. 

Thebausffs remarked that Doran items are dumb and the worst items you can build in League. The streamer’s reasoning is that Doran items are highly gold inefficient as you have to sell them later in the game.

This guy can kill me the entire time and we will be even in gold then,” he remarked. “There comes a time when this guy will sell that thing and then he loses 300 gold. Whats the point of it?  

Instead, Thebausffs suggests you should start with Long Sword or Cull and Refillable Potion to have a cleaner transition from early to the mid-to-late game, especially if you couple that with scaling runes like Gathering Storm and Conditioning. 

Confident this is the best build path, Thebausffs predicts this will become meta in the game soon: Im telling you guys in one month, two months, Doran items will have to be reworked or nobody will buy them anymore because its just mathematically incorrect to do it, the streamer adds.

If we take into consideration Riots Patch 13.4 nerfs to early game kills and snowballing, its highly likely League games might slow down and become more teamfight-oriented, meaning Thebausffs read is not as wild as it might seem at first glance. 

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