Thebausffs banned for inting, again


Believe it or not, one of the most popular League of Legends content creators and streamers, Thebaussffs is banned again. 

After losing a game on Quinn with a score of 6/18/10 against SpearShot on Patheon and KeshaEuw on Nunu & Willump, Thebaussffs received a 14-days ban for inting.

Although Riot Games normally doesnt ban the players for inting, because its extremely difficult to prove, the popular Swedish streamer somehow pulled it off by having 18 deaths in two games in a row. Despite his score saying the exact opposite, we can actually see Thebaussffs trying to win the game in both of these cases, as he did the most damage on his team in the first one and still doing everything in his power to win the Quin game.

Unfortunately, you can see Swede was actually intentionally ganked by KeshaEuw as he announced on his stream to repeatedly gank Thebaussffs.

After repeatedly ganking Thebaussffs on Quinn, KeshaEuw publicly announced on his stream he wants to get Thebaussffs banned.

Seeing Thebaussffs, KeshaEuw celebrated on his stream, saying he took down the competition and will now take the Swedes followers and viewers.

Although it can be said, to an extent, that Thebaussffs is feeding, its his take on the game, and if you dive deep into his OP.GG, youll find a pattern of him having a lot of deaths but still trying to win the game and not ruin everyones gaming experience. So, this recent ban can be almost classified as a setup that will have one of the most popular streamers off Twitch for at least 14 days.

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