The worst League champion in Iron is the third most-banned one in Challenger level


Some League of Legends champions are fantastic in the hands of skilled players but produce awful win rates in the lower ranks.

A prime example of a such champion is Yuumi. As of now, she has the worst win rate in the Iron rank, with a 39.43 percent win rate in the support role, according to U.GG. On the other hand, she has recorded the third-highest ban rate in the Challenger rank with 38.5 percent, just behind Fiora and Zed.

Moreover, her win rate in Challenger is much higher than in bronze, since it currently sits a 46.46 percent. And while it’s still far behind the best supports in Challenger in terms of win rate, as Maokai and Bard currently have 54.60 and 53.10 percent win rates, respectively, when you combine it with her 10.9 percent pick rate, she’s present in almost 50 percent of games in that rank.

Yuumi has been a tough nut to crack for League developers. She had a 100 percent win rate and was banned 68 times at Worlds 2022, proving that she can be one of the strongest champions in the game if she’s put into proper team composition.

That’s why her stats differ so much when you compare Iron and Challenger ranks. To fully benefit from her potential, a team needs the right communication and draft by mechanically skilled players, which is more often the case in Challenger than in Iron.

Her gameplay made her one of the most unlikable champions in League’s roster, though, that can change soon. Riot Games announced last December that she’s getting a rework in at some point in the future. Its goal is to keep her core gameplay mechanics and for her to remain an easy-to-learn champ, while also giving the enemy team some room for counterplay.

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