The Vitality ‘chosen one’ claims the BLAST Paris CS:GO Major MVP trophy

The king has finally been crowned.

At long last, in the final CS:GO Major, the golden boy of both Team Vitality and the current-to-next generation of star players has finally claimed the elusive double: the Major trophy and the corresponding MVP honor.

Mathieu “ZywOo” Herbaut, one of the game’s best-ever players, has won the BLAST Paris Major MVP trophy to go along with Vitality’s Major trophy, doing so in front of a home crowd. He finished the event with the highest overall HLTV player rating, with a 1.39 score across 10 maps, while Vitality themselves didn’t drop a single map.

He saved his best for last, putting on a masterclass in the grand finals versus GamerLegion, finishing with a +20 K/D across both Nuke and Overpass. This was the second time during these playoffs that he finished a series with a +20, as he did so against Into the Breach as well.

James Banks informed ZywOo of his MVP honor on stage following Vitality’s victory. ZywOo thanked the crowd in a short but sweet speech and was drowned out by a sea of applause and cheers.

As impressive as ZywOo’s performance was, he wasn’t the only one fragging out for Vitality. Spinx ended up with a 1.26 player rating as well, good enough for third highest at the tournament, behind only ZywOo and GamerLegion’s Ivan “iM” Mihai, who had a star-making performance during the entire Major.

ZywOo becomes the third French player to ever lift a Major MVP trophy, after Happy for LDLC at DreamHack Winter 2014 and the recently retired legend kennyS for EnVyUs at DreamHack ClujNapoca 2015. Though there are no more CS:GO Major spots up for grabs, ZywOo could very well win another after the shift to CS2. At the age of 22, he will have many opportunities to join coldzera and dev1ce as the only players to ever win two Major MVP awards.

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