The unintentionally superpowered AI bots terrorizing DMZ have been nerfed, but the issue might still be affecting Warzone 2

The robots have risen up.

The reign of terror of the superpowered AI bots across Al Mazrah has come to an end in DMZ after the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 midseason update for season one accidentally upped the base difficulty of all AI combatants. But overpowered AI bots in Warzone 2 appear to still be a prevalent issue.

One of the prominent features of both Warzone 2 and DMZ is the inclusion of strongholds, AI-controlled fortresses that promise high-tier rewards for players who defeat the AI combatants inside. But Warzone 2 players were having a bit too much difficulty taking on strongholds, so the AI was supposed to be nerfed in the “Season 01 Reloaded Patch.”

While the number of strongholds was increased from three to five, the AI combatants inside were supposed to get a 26 percent damage reduction and a 50 percent reduction in numbers. Additionally, the time between reinforcement waves was increased while the number of units per wave was reduced by 30 percent. But that’s not exactly what happened.

Somehow, one of the changes made in the update unintentionally resulted in the base AI combatants of DMZ getting a huge power boost, turning the bots in DMZ into unstoppable killing machines. And with AI combatants more present across DMZ compared to Warzone 2, the issue was having a serious effect on players’ ability to get anything accomplished. As of Dec. 16, though, Raven Software says it has released a fix to address that issue.

But the issue of AI bot difficulty may not be completely resolved. Some players have expressed their frustrations about the AI combatants being too challenging. One of the loudest detractors has been streamer TimTheTatman, who released a video last week saying the bots are “killing Warzone 2.” And just yesterday, he shared the above clip of his duos game with Cloakzy coming to an end, at the hands of a bot with laser beam aim that strayed very far from a stronghold.

It’s not just Tim who’s frustrated. In the replies to his clip, former pro player Crimsix told CoD “just because you CAN do something, doesnt mean you SHOULD.” FaZe Jev mockingly said players should be able to spectate AI since they’re delivering “10x the gameplay we’re getting regularly.”

What’s more shocking is that the clip from Tim yesterday is somehow post-Reloaded patch nerfs. If Call of Duty doesn’t want to lose Warzone 2 players frustrated at the number of times they die to bots, another nerf may be necessary.

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