The Sheriff is the best VALORANT sidearm, but only if you’re a top ranked player

Don't sleep on the Sheriff.

The Sheriff is a powerful tool in the top two ranks while less-experienced players tend to avoid the gun in favor of the Ghost and Classic, VALORANT data suggests.

The Sheriff leads the way in sidearm kills per match for Immortal Three players and above, according to This trend isnt present in lower ranks, though, where the Ghost and Classic reign supreme. 

In every rank before Immortal Three, the Ghost is the sidearm with the highest average kills per match. The Sheriff is the sidearm with the second-highest kills per match from Platinum One to Immortal Two, beating the Classic, Frenzy, and Shorty.

But in all ranks Gold Three and below, the Classic is the second-best sidearm based on kills per match. 

The Sheriff is a tricky weapon to master because missing a shot can be an unforgiving experience, especially for new players. But once you master the powerful hand cannon, you can easily take out enemies with one bullet.

The average kills per match for the Sheriff show a clear path for players: They dont become adept with the weapon until roughly around Gold Three, where it becomes the sidearm with the second-most kills per match. Lower ranks still see more success with the Classic, or they avoid using the Sheriff since it has more risk than reward.

Immortal Three and Radiant players are experienced enough to use the weapon without issue, causing it to be the most effective sidearm in these ranks.

The Sheriff will likely remain a gun that most VALORANT players will need practice with to master, especially at lower ranks. But some new and inexperienced players may see the potential in the deadly pistol. 

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