The rise of a new star: 16-year-old Street Fighter V player wins 2022 UFA finals

After two years of silently dominating online tournaments, he's now in the spotlight.

EndingWalker, a 16-year-old Street Fighter V prodigy, claimed his first Major title after dominating Valmaster in the finals of 2022 UFA last night.

The Ed main not only won the first Major and offline tournament of his career but also steamrolled the competition, defeating multiple veteran players on his way to the finals without losing a single series.

EndingWalker also sent U.S. competitor and SFV legend Punk to the loser’s bracket after smashing him 3-0 in the winner’s final. Punk then lost his last-chance series against Valmaster, ending the UFA in third place.

French player and 2022 EVO top-eight finisher Mister Crimson was the only player in the tournament who took a game from the championin the semifinals.

The British talent has risen during the COVID-19 pandemic. He won his first online tournaments in 2020 at 14, including multiple Saltmine League iterations as well as the Capcom Pro Tour World Warrior, and has been improving since.

His first UFA win, however, marks a new step for EndingWalker’s career. He has now made a mark on the Street Fighter V scene, hoisting the trophy under the spotlight.

His timid behavior on stage contrasts drastically with the strong confidence he’s showing in the game. In the tournament, the 16-year-old proved to have no fear going up against some of the most established names from SFV, thanks to mechanical prowess and creativity.

As most fans are eagerly waiting for Street Fighter 6 to release and bring a breath of fresh air to the series, the young champion symbolizes this new generation of talent who have been silently rising during the pandemic and are looking to take over the competitive scene in the future.

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