The Pokémon Company reveals Riolu, Greavard, and more Art Rare cards from Scarlet and Violet ex

They look phenomenal.

Pokémon fans who cant get enough of the original card game will be thrilled to know that art rares and special art rares will be returning to Scarlet and Violet EX.

The Pokémon Company revealed a handful of new art rares for Slowpoke, Pachirisu, Ralts, and Kirlia and special art rares for Gardevoir, Riolu, and Greavard.

Even though theyre not in English, the AR and SAR tags on the bottom left of each card (along with the vibrant art) are a dead giveaway. PokeBeach shared a collection of all of the cards revealed today.

These cards will be released in Japan on Jan 20. The English variants, however, won’t drop until two months later on March 31. There will obviously be plenty of other cards in the set, too.

Fans are thrilled to see the incredible designs return once again.

Awe yay! Glad theyre keeping them into the new era! said one fan in response to the post on Twitter. Cutest alt line ever. I was skeptical if they were bringing alts back but holy crap, said another.

The consensus among the community is that the artwork is some of the best people have seen. One fan even said the rare Slowpoke card is the best card that has been released in years.

Whats more, in addition to those cards, those who attend Pokémon Gym tournaments between Jan. 20 and March 31 will be eligible to receive a Poké Ball coin and Hawlucha promo card.

Its an exciting time in the world of Pokémon OCG and Pokémon TCG, and these cards add to the hype.

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