The Overwatch tank meta is perfectly summed up by this brutally honest meme

They'll let you know exactly when to use each tank in the game.

The age-old saying might be Sometimes, the truth hurts. But in many cases, brutal honesty is more humorous than it is painful.

One Overwatch 2 player recently displayed just how truthful and hilarious a meme could be with a post to Reddit explaining the current state of tanking in the game following this weeks season four mid-cycle patch, which included a few notable buffs to Junker Queen.

With an image of each tank, the gamer captioned every hero with an explanation of when and why a player might use those heroesand the results didnt disappoint.

Starting out with an assessment of the freshly juiced-up Junker Queen herself, the player noted that Junkertowns punk rock matriarch was purposefully overbuffed and will likely be nerfed just as hard in the games next big patch.

That was followed by describing why players would try to play D.Va, Winston, or Wrecking Ball. While D.Va and Winston are only to be played when the enemy Zen/sniper is pissing you off, apparently Wrecking Ball should be reserved only for when Zenyatta or a sniper is really pissing you off. The player didnt disclose what exactly constitutes being really pissed off as opposed to just normally pissed off, but perhaps its a situation in which a player will know it when they feel it.

Other highlights of the post include the one-word caption under Roadhog that says unplayable. Additionally, Doomfist is listed as unplayable due to bugs, and Sigma was listed as literally unplayable because the post was made shortly before Blizzard fixed a bug that resulted in Sigma being disabled in competitive.

Reinhardt, who is one of the most popular heroes in the history of the game, was identified as the tank that players use in a brawl composition, but the tank player cant aim as Junker Queen. Meanwhile, the Reddit poster questioned how Ramattra still hasnt been nerfed despite being one of the games more powerful tanks for some time now.

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