The meme wins: Fart Studios secure a spot in the 2023 Dota Pro Circuit

BSJ coming through in the eleventh hour.

The North American Dota 2 Closed Qualifiers were filled with talents from all around the world. Players from Europe, South America, and Southeast Asia flooded to the region to test their mettle, but NAs finest still prevailed.

Fart Studios (FS) and Legacy, the two teams that had the most members from NA, secured their 2023 Dota Pro Circuit division two spots today.

While Legacy had a smoother run in the upper bracket, FS found themselves in the lower bracket close to the beginning of the main event. FS battled for two rounds until they had to face the very team that knocked them out in the first place, CDUB Esports.

Featuring talents like Mohammad “AfrOmoush” Eis and islA, CDUB had FS number in the upper bracket, but Brian “BSJ” Canavan and his trusty brethren found a way to turn things around. FS came into the series with a plan and drafted a lineup based on a Naga Siren and Lina duo.

With BSJ on Naga Siren and Danny “iAnnihilate” Cote on Lina, FS took over the first match by gradually pushing their opponents from the map. But CDUB bounced back in the second game quite impressively. 

CDUB outplayed FS working strategy on the back of their Ember Spirit and Dragon Knight, who both got banned in the third match. As these two heroes got banned, FS decided to run their Naga and Lina strategy, which once again did the trick.

BSJ and crew have advanced to the second division of NA DPC, where theyll join the rest of the hopefuls of the region in a battle to make it to the first division while avoiding relegation.

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