The LEC will be implementing a new league-wide age limit for 2023 and beyond

Growing into the next set of European stars.

The youth movement has always been a topic that has been discussed in the League of Legends scene since most teams are constantly looking for the next great player in the game’s history. In Europe, the LEC has seen many young prospects enter and leave through its doors. But in 2023, a new rule change will be shifting the scene in terms of roster creation and more.

In a new blog post, Riot Games outlined today that the minimum age requirement for any player participating in the LEC will now be increased from 17 years old to 18 years old “to help unlock new sponsorship opportunities for teams.”

This doesn’t mean that players under the age limit cannot be signed, though. European organizations still have the opportunity to scout and sign 17-year-old players since some of the best young talents have been found in solo queue. They cannot, however, participate in the league until they’ve officially turned 18.

This new change will give teams a chance to accept several different sponsorships that could not have been possible if a 17-year-old player was on their roster. Alcohol sponsorships and gambling sponsorships, for example, would not have been a viable venture for any LEC organization in previous years.

Some alcohol sponsorships have been allowed in the past, like the LCS with Bud Light, but teams were never allowed to link up with such companies nor feature their logos on stage kits, according to the LEC rulebook. With this change, however, new partnerships could now be a possibility, in a time where the stability of esports is in question.

The 2023 LEC Winter Split is set to begin on Jan. 21.

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