The LEC brings back the black eyeshadow and punk rock with new ‘Heartbreaker’ music video

"Can we regain our glory?"

If there’s one thing that can hype up the 2023 Winter Split, it’s a new music video from the talented folks on the LEC broadcast team. Right before the start of the season, the lads have dropped a new banger today to help welcome fans to a new year of European League of Legends action.

In 2021, Andrew “Vedius” Day, Daniel Drakos, and Christy “Ender” Frierson performed a scathing song of misery after former Fnatic superstar Rekkles joined rival organization and former Worlds finalist, G2 Esports. It was a shocking roster acquisition that many thought would create yet another superteam in the region and was an amazing topic for the group’s first punk rock single.

Heading into 2023, however, the trio has returned to welcome Rekkles back after the 26-year-old spent the entirety of last year in the LFL with Karmine Corp. Aptly titled “Heartbreaker,” the band contemplates their feelings for the talented marksman as he rejoins his former squad.

They touch on how Rekkles made them feel since his departure from Fnatic and their doubts moving forward, voicing their back-and-forth feelings before finally saying that they’re “better together.” Rekkles also makes a cameo appearance in the music video as he walks through the set while looking at pictures of the past.

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There are multiple different references that avid League fans can pick out from the lyrics, including a shoutout to his former LFL team with the line: “You made me break blue walls of pain.” It’s a well-written piece that accurately sums up the emotions that many Fnatic supporters might be going through.

The 2023 LEC Winter Season will begin tomorrow, Jan. 21 at 11am CT.

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