The LCS broadcast will lose its biggest face in 2023

Another iconic voice will be absent from the competitive scene.

After quickly becoming one of the most popular faces on the LCS broadcast and in competitive League of Legends, desk host and analyst James “Dash” Patterson will not be returning to the LCS this coming year, he announced today.

The 31-year-old said that “the new direction of the LCS doesn’t have a need for a consistent host,” which means that he will be exploring multiple different options of work for the next chapter of his life. He is, however, still in active discussions with Riot Games to see where he and the company can work together in 2023, even if it is in a limited capacity.

Over the past decade, Dash has been the host of the professional North American League of Legends scene, along with several international events like the Mid-Season Invitational and the prestigious World Championship. He has been one of the most recognizable voices on the broadcast, known for his quick wit, great rapport with guests, and insight on the desk.

The 2023 LCS Spring Split is scheduled to begin on Thursday, Jan. 26.

This is a breaking news story with more details to follow. Updates will be added as soon as possible.

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