The key to blameF’s success in CS:GO? Skip out on furniture for new apartment, just keep playing

Real gamers don't buy furniture.

Who needs furniture when you can just play Counter-Strike all day? Certainly not the Danish CS:GO star rifler Benjamin “blameF” Bremer.

He was the main reason why Astralis became a top-five team in the world at the end of the first half of the season because of his excellent fragging capability in 2022. BlameF has averaged a 1.24 rating thus far, according to HLTV’s statistics, and most notably helped the all-Danish lineup reach the semifinals of the $1 million IEM Cologne in July, one of the most coveted CS:GO events of the year.

Over the years, teammates, coaches, and CS:GO talent have praised blameF for his extreme work ethic, but it seems like the Danish star hit a whole new level in 2022. BlameF hasn’t even bought furniture for his new apartment as a result of the exhausting grind.

“I’m very happy to play in the team, I love the guys, they are great, and I get along with them really well,” blameF said in an interview with Escorenews. “But I think it’s just because I’m grinding so much. It’s honestly been exhausting, to tell you the truth, the last couple of months I’ve been playing so much Counter-Strike every day. I bought a new apartment three months ago, and I still haven’t bought a single furniture for the apartment just because I’ve been playing so much. I don’t feel I have time to go out and do anything because I’m constantly trying to play more than yesterday, and more than last week. So, it’s been exhausting, and I’m in need of some chill time now.”

The player break came in clutch for blameF since he and Astralis won’t have to play an official CS:GO match until the BLAST Premier Fall Groups kick off at the end of August.

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