The Guard’s former Apex Legends roster finds a new home under star org

One beloved organization re-enters the competitive scene.

North American organization The Guard has finally decided to part ways with its Apex Legends team, exiting after seven months in the competitive scene. In their place, another esports giant has picked up the pieces, returning to the Pro League after two months of inactivity.

Sentinels confirmed its new Apex roster for Split Two of the NA ALGS on Twitter today, picking up all of the former members of The Guard. IGL Cole Rkn Prommel, Beau RamBeau Sheidy, Keon Berghout, and coach Nelsinho start a new era for the organization, taking The Guards previous Split Two spot in North America.

The Guard first entered Apex on Oct. 18, 2022, finding immediate success in smaller competitions such as the Esports Arena weekly tournaments. This performance translated well to the ALGS as The Guard debuted with a third-place finish in Split One of the NA Pro League, qualifying for the London Playoffs. They struggled at the international tournament, however, finishing 12th in the group stage, fifth in the winners bracket, and 17th in the grand finals.

The Guards disbandment follows the sudden mass layoffs on Feb. 22, where all content, social, talent, and creative teams were let go from the organization. The Overwatch League’s L.A. Gladiators, the Call of Duty Leagues L.A. Guerrillas, and the org’s VALORANT Challengers roster are the only teams confirmed to remain temporarily operational until their seasons end or a suitable buyer takes the slots, leaving the Apex team in limbo heading into Split Two.

Sentinels first entered competitive Apex in 2019, with historic results such as first place in Split One of the 2021 Pro League, followed by fourth in the NA Playoffs. But the 2022-2023 season found the previous roster struggling, finishing Split One in 23rd place, one spot off from retaining their Pro League spot and dropping down to relegation in the Split Two Qualifiers. 

This result led to Sentinels dropping the team on Jan. 23, worrying many fans after other longstanding giants like G2 Esports and Team Liquid left the scene completely. But the organization announced its continued commitment to Apex today with the desire to start fresh with a new roster for the upcoming Split.

Sentinels will now take over The Guards Pro League spot for Split Two, starting on March 11. Seeded into Group A alongside Split One Playoffs champions TSM, they will compete on the opening day against Group B at 5pm CT. Fans can watch the new Sentinels lineup through the official PlayApex Twitch and ALGS YouTube channels.

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