The Diretide 2022 Collector’s Cache makes Grubby question his taste in Dota 2 skins

Grubby was on the wrong side of history.

Valve added the Diretide 2022 Collectors Cache to Dota 2 with an unexpected patch on Tuesday. The chest features the most-voted cosmetics from independent artists, and fans were excited to see whether they voted for any of the winners, including Grubby.

Given his competitive nature, Grubby was curious about any potential balance changes as he started scrolling through the Collectors Cache.

During the voting stage, there were multiple Snapfire skins featuring different mounts. Grubby was surprised to see that the one with a crocodile made it into the game because he voted for one of the others.

Though Grubby found a couple of skins that he deemed cool, the legendary RTS players noticed that most of the cosmetics that he voted for didn’t make it into the game.

Maybe it just means I dont have good taste, Grubby said as he returned to his search for another match.

Iceiceice, on the other hand, found parts of his real life inside the Diretide 2022 Collectors Cache. The free agent offlaner loaded into practice mode with the anime-style Marci skin alongside a kid Invoker.

As he passed a Giants Ring neutral item to the anime Marci, kid Invoker lost all of his might and intimidation.

This looks like my wife and kid,” Iceiceice said. Theyre the same size, my son is also this tall.

Iceiceice then proceeded to take the two characters on a walk where kid Invoker suddenly started hitting Marci, technically his mom in this scenario. The parental instincts kicked in for the Singaporean and he gave an auto-attack command to Marci since you dont hit your mom.

Powered by the Giants Ring, Marci one-shot the kid Invoker, turning the whole situation into a little demonstration of old-school parenting.

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