The CS:GO devs are having some cheeky fun with Twitter teases as Source 2 arrival apparently looms

No cool, Valve.

Counter-Strike’s long-awaited Source 2 engine apparently arriving soon has caused cataclysmic hype to spread across social media, and now the official CS:GO Twitter account has just made it even worse.

The account has posted exactly one response in the midst of circulating Source 2 rumors, and its sent fans into a prediction frenzy.

If a picture says a thousand words, then were not sure how many a GIF of Michael Scott (The Office) peering through the blinds of his office is. The reply was in response to a video from ESL, where CS:GO talent SPUNJ and Rush scoured through Source 2 rumors, and as far as eager fans are concerned, this basically confirms its coming this week.

Reports surrounding Source 2s apparent impending release have spread far and wide in the esports community this month. Each day a new detail arrives, including a big Valve update packaged into Dota 2’s patch last week that referenced a csgo2.exe file.

Unfortunately, there is no solid evidence of its arrival apart from those original reports. Despite that, the game is looking likely to be dropping soon. Many are tipping the expected release date to arrive in either late March or early April.

Well just have to see if the Valve overlords give us another nugget, or if we’re just destined for sit-com meme teases featuring actors like Steve Carrell or Jason Sudeikis.

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