The crowd at IEM Rio Major CS:GO is chanting to Brazilian teams nonstop. What are they saying?

There are some motivational chants and some that are not approriate for all ages.

The crowd at the IEM Rio Major is arguably the MVP of the $1.25 million tournament thus far. The fans are doing it all on the first day of the event: chanting, hoisting flags, and playing musical instruments.

All the chants are being yelled out in Portuguese, however, meaning that the international CS:GO community doesn’t quite understand what the Brazilian fans are chanting. There have been several chants for FURIA, Imperial, 00 Nation, and even 9z, a South American mix that features Brazilian AWPer Lucas “nqz” Soares.

Most of the inspiration for these chants at the IEM Rio Major come from soccer chants in Brazil. Here are some of the best ones that the crowd has used thus far.

Portuguese chantEnglish translation
“O-o-o-o, vai para cima deles, zero!” “Go for them, 00 Nation!”
“Olê, olê, olê, olá, FURIA, FURIA”There’s no exact translation to this. This type of chant is usually used when the team in question is playing well.
“O-o-o-o, vamos virar, Imp!”“Let’s turn the game around, Imperial!”
“Ei, ZywOo, vai tomar no cu!”“Hey ZywOo, go screw yourself!”
“O cold vai te pegaaaar!”“Coldzera is coming for you!”
“Eu acreditoooo, eu acreditoooo!”“I believe you guys can win!”
“O-o-o-o, vamos ganhar, 9z!”“Let’s win this game, 9z!”

The energy produced by the Brazilian fans hasn’t gone unnoticed. The English-speaking casters have brought up how passionate the crowd has been and even Valve, the developer of CS:GO, praised the fans.

“There’s never been a crowd like this at a Major and it’s only day one,” Valve said on CS:GO‘s official Twitter account.

The Challengers Stage and Legends Stage of the IEM Rio Major will have a crowd every day at the Riocentro venue, where the matches are being played in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The playoff action will feature a bigger crowd at the Jeunesse Arena in Rio.

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