The CoD community has seemingly already picked a side in the Dashy vs. Rambo OpTic feud

Dashy exposed it all during a late-night stream.

The OpTic Dashy saga has come to an unceremonious end, to say the least, with the longtime popular pro taking aim at Rambo in a big way.

In a late-night stream, Dashy let it all out into the open with a tirade about his time on OpTic, claiming that the team’s coach Rambo would leave scrimmages so he could go to bowling practice.

This fucking guy [Rambo], I cant believe Im about to say this shit, Dashy said. Once a fucking week this guy will chalk our second set [of scrims], no one says a word by the way, for fucking bowling practice.

Thankfully, for CoD fans who slept through the stream, a comprehensive Reddit post by user u/d0cv explaining the situation and what Dashy had to say was posted this morning. And although Rambo has not yet had his chance to rebuke any claims, the comments are decidedly on Dashy’s side.

“Rambo Ray is the epitome of friendship league based on this discussion,” said one commenter. “And I actually believe Dashy, because these are such specific examples and I remember seeing people like ACHES question the decisions that OpTic was making at the time during [Vanguard].”

“Ray really thinks hes Bill Belichick but since he became coach, it seems like everything has become so toxic in the OpTic ‘locker room,'” said another.

Although OpTic never officially announced his removal, Dashy says he has been dropped from the squad. Technically, he’s still with the team until a move is made, so he’s considered benched for the time being.

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“A team change was imminent, but this does make it seem like he was just a scapegoat,” said a third commenter. “Of course ‘vibes’ fucking contributed to the decision. I’d be depressed in scrims too, if half this shit is true.”

On Jan. 8, Texas made its official move of acquiring Huke as its new fourth ahead of this weekend’s Major Two qualifiers.

A response from Rambo and OpTic seems inevitable, but for now, the CoD community and OpTic fans specifically seem to be a bit fed up with the coach and former pro.

“Ray has been the problem since the start and somehow everything else gets changed but him, [I’m] glad Dashy talked his shit,” said another commenter.

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