The coaching bug in VALORANT has been patched

No more dots.

The VALORANT coaching bug that allowed enemy positions to be revealed on the mini-map has been patched, Riot Games announced today. 

The coaching bug was brought into the limelight over the past few days when several prominent coaches revealed its caused matches to be delayed and practice to be restarted. The bug allowed the coach in the spectator slot to view the enemy’s positions via small colored dots on the mini-map. 

One variation of the bug allowed the coach to see the enemy’s positions update every few seconds.

Over the past 48 hours the VAL Dev team worked to deploy an update fixing a bug where the minimap would sporadically show opponents locations to coaches, Riot said on Twitter. This patch has been deployed to both live and esports servers and we’ll continue to closely monitor the issue. 

The bug, which had been in VALORANT since at least January, has affected the VALORANT Champions Tour. One match between NRG and FaZe in the North American playoffs had to be restarted after NRGs coach Josh JoshRT Lee experienced the bug, he told Dot Esports yesterday

JoshRT immediately informed the referee of the match, employed by tournament host Nerd Street, and the game was hit with a severe delay since it had to be paused and restarted. The referee confirmed the bug had occurred after he watched JoshRTs screen, which is a protocol for coaches in the VCT alongside their communications being monitored at all times. 

The bug was initially reported internally via game developer Penguin in January after several coaches reported the issue on Twitter

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