The Boy and the Bug: A new LoL duo has taken over bot lane in Patch 13.9

"What's wrong? Can't take the heat?"

One of the biggest League of Legends patches is on the horizon, but before we crest into this new meta, there was one bottom lane combination that crushed the competition with the highest duo win rate in Patch 13.9.

Kog’Maw and Milio had a skyhigh 55.8 percent win rate in the bottom lane together, with over 18 thousand games played globally in ranks Platinum and higher, according to League stats aggregate U.GG. Milio was also a popular pick to pair with other AD carry champions, since he was featured in four of the top ten win rate duos.

With Kog’Maw specifically, however, players have quickly realized the potential the bug has when activated with Milio’s superior utility, and how the Mouth of the Abyss can live out his true, machine gun-like dreams with the Gentle Flame by his side.

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Milio is a marksman’s favorite support since he brings a ton of buffs to attack range and movement speed, along with a good amount of healing, shielding, and poke to boot. The powerful enchanter can also set up ganks and trades really well in lane with a well-placed Ultra Mega Fire Kick, which will displace and stun the first enemy it hits. He also has a free cleanse in the form of his ultimate ability Breath of Life, which is perfect for immobile champions like Kog’Maw who lack their own form of movement skills.

If players build on-hit Kog’Maw, he will greatly benefit from the increased attack range and movement speed that Milio brings, because it should give him enough damage to win almost any trade that the duo starts on their own terms. The two squishy characters just have to survive the earlier stages of the game where they are susceptible to tank supports with lots of crowd control, as well as early ganks from the opposing jungler.

Looking ahead, we could see plenty of shifts in the bottom lane meta with how many items are being changed in the next patch, including the reintroduction of Statikk Shiv and the shifting of some items into the Mythic tier. Patch 13.10 is scheduled to release on Thursday, May 18.

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