The best versions of Batman and the Joker could share a stage again in MultiVersus

It seems crime might actually have a punchline in a future update.

Everyone has their favorite iterations of certain characters, but few have had as many different actors and variants take up the mantle of Batman and the Joker. If you ask which version of the characters has appeared together the most and left their mark in the history of the cape and cowl, however, it would be the duo from Batman: The Animated Series

This is where it all started for the voice actor who has become synonymous with The Dark Knight, Kevin Conroy, and also where Mark Hamill took on what would end up being his most beloved voice acting role as the Joker. The twos chemistry has held strong for over 30 yearsand it appears they might be taking their dynamic to a new stage, according to MultiVersus leaks. 

Conroy is already voicing Batman in Warner Bros.’ platform fighter, and the character even has a skin designed after his Animated Series counterpart. And judging from the iconic voice from the leaked audio files for a Joker Announcer Pack, that is the direction WB and Player First Games are going across the board for the more general Batman representatives. 

Just listen to the think you lost that one bucko line and you can tell it is Hamill taking the reins once again. 

The duo have been voicing Batman and the Joker together across mediums since The Animated Series launched in 1992, with both even portraying their individual roles in live action at least once. That has extended to video games too, including the critically acclaimed Batman Arkham series. 

It was only a matter of time before WB pulled in arguably its biggest villain for a roster spot, and bringing his most iconic voice actor back to fill the role is an easy call. This is only backed up by Harley Quinn being voiced by Tara Strong and getting her Mad Love Animated Series costume too. 

So if Hamill is back as the Clown Prince of Crime, this Announcer Pack makes plenty of sense because every playable character has one. We still dont have confirmation that he will be introduced to the game beyond this, but previous leaks show characters like LeBron James having a back-and-forth with the Joker in their dialogue files.

For now, Rick was just released and we have both Stripe and Black Adam to look forward to in the near future. Beyond that, who knows, maybe Mr. J will pay MultiVersus a visit.

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