The best ultimate combos in Apex Legends

Want to up your game? Try combining ultimate abilities.

Ultimate abilities in Apex Legends can single-handedly turn the tide of any fight. Theyre called ultimate for a reason, after all. However, some of the best ultimate abilities in Apex synergize with others, making for game-defining moments.

Knowing everything that an ultimate does is incredibly important when figuring out which ultimates pair well together, as most ultimates can serve multiple purposes. For example, Cryptos EMP stuns enemies and delivers shield damage, which are its most obvious uses for newer players. But it also deletes most placeable tactical abilities in the game in its radius, destroying things like Caustic traps and Wattson fences in the process. 

Knowing all of this information will only help players know exactly what ultimates pair best with each other, and how ultimates can be used in different ways. That knowledge, in turn, helps players improve, and win more games.

Want to improve your ability usage? Here are the best ultimate combos in Apex Legends.

EMP and Defensive Bombardment

Gibraltars ultimate is called defensive for a reason: its loud, and it comes with plenty of red warning markers of where ordinance is about to land. As such, its usually a tool to prevent teams from advancing through the territory it covers. Paired with Crypto EMP, however, this ultimate gets an attacking edge.

EMP stuns enemies, making it harder for players to get out of the radius of a Gibraltar ult. But its ability to destroy several tactical abilities also extends to the best tactical in the game: Gibraltars dome shield. A well-placed dome shield can negate most damage-dealing ultimates in Apex, and its not uncommon to see a full team standing in a Gibby bubble, waiting for an opposing Gibraltar ultimate to run out in safety. 

EMP deletes the dome shield instantly. A team that thought they were safe is suddenly completely vulnerable to a defensive bombardment falling from the sky, and to top it off, they get stunned by the EMP and the defensive bombardment as well, if the defensive bombardment lands any hits.

If you need to blow up an enemy with decent cover and a shield protecting them, pairing Crypto and Gibraltars ultimate abilities is the way to go.

Nox Gas Grenade + Beast of the Hunt

Really, Caustics Nox gas grenade pairs well with almost every other ultimate in the game, just because it does so much all by itself: deals direct damage to health, slows, and stuns enemies caught inside the gas, and obscures vision. Unfortunately, the gas grenade also hampers your teammates, as only Caustic can see enemies clearly in his gas.

That is unless youre playing as a certain technological tracker.

Characters caught in a Nox gas grenade are easy pickings for Bloodhound and their Best of the Hunt ultimate, which highlights all enemies in red and gives Bloodhound a speed boost at the same time. The enemy doesnt even need to be in the Caustic gas for this combo to work, as Bloodhound can see enemies on the other side of Caustic gas as well, with the gas working as a smokescreen for Bloodhound. And those enemies trapped in gas? Well, when youre stunned and also cant see anything, barely being able to shoot back while a speedy Bloodhound has you in their sights well, its not usually a winning fight.

Need to win a team fight quickly and cleanly? Combine Caustic and Bloodhound ultimates. Its Apex on easy mode.

Nox Gas Grenade + Black Hole

Need another ultimate to pair with Caustic? Look no further than Horizons black hole. Horizons ultimate paired with a few grenades is already a dangerous combination, as the black hole sucks players into its center. The only drawback is that the black hole is actually pretty easy to destroy, as a single clip from most assault rifles and submachine guns can destroy its health. If all three members of a team shoot the black hole at the same time? Its gone faster than you can say Newton.

Even most grenades take a second or two to detonate in the black hole, giving teams ample time to destroy it and beat a hasty retreat. But what if there was a grenade that detonated almost instantly upon contact with the ground, slowed opponents trying to get away from them like an arc star, and also did damage continuously, like a thermite?

The Nox gas grenade is all of those things and more, as its damage ignores shields and is dealt directly to enemies health. The combination of the stun from the gas and the pull from the black hole is enough to decimate any team that isnt careful, and if a team fully focuses on destroying the black hole, theyll still be caught in the Caustic gas for a few ticks of damage, giving your squad the upper hand.

Death Totem + Phase Tear

RevTane is dead. RevenAsh is the future.

One of the most infamous metas in Apex was the combination of Revenants death totem and Octanes launch pad. Teams could enter death form and place a pad right next to the totem, launching themselves onto unsuspecting teams. If and when the team knocked you out of Revenants ult, you simply returned right to where the launch pad was placed, and get to push the opposing team a second time.

Nerfs to the distance players could travel on Octanes pad made this combination significantly weaker, however, to which the alternative of Ashs phase tear makes a good substitute. It can travel a comparable distance to Octanes launchpad but is much better at traversing vertical distance and keeps players invulnerable while in the phase tear. You cant get beamed out of the sky and sent straight back to the totem without doing any damage to the enemy if youre not even on their plane of existence while you race towards them, right?

This combo also makes Ashs portal a bit safer, as it can only be used one way. The phase tear suddenly isnt an all-or-nothing ultimate for pushing a team if it comes with the safety net of the death totem. And, if you or a squadmate gets sent back quickly, theres probably enough time to take the portal back again and finish the fight.

Creeping Barrage + The Motherlode

Bangalores ultimate is one of the most difficult ultimates to use offensively in the game. Yes, it covers a huge area, and landing hits with the ordinance give enemies one of the longest stun and slow effects in the game. But its also very easy to see coming and avoid, meaning its mostly used as a tool for area denial.

To get maximum value out of the ultimates damage and stun abilities, you need to wrangle a team in one spot and prevent them from leaving the ultimates area of effect. In order to do that, players might want to say Gday to The Motherlode.

Fuses ultimate specializes in keeping teams in one place. That makes them vulnerable to not only his ordinance but ordinance from his teammates as well. And its long-lasting effect gives Bangalores ultimate enough time to drop from the sky and explode. Bangalore even gets the benefit of Fuses ultimate scanning enemies trapped inside of its ring of fire, giving her the cue to throw down her ultimate. And if enemies try to run through The Motherlode, theyre sitting ducks due to the massive damage and slow effect of The Motherlode.

If you want to make an explosive impression on an enemy team, Fuse and Bangalores ultimates can do exactly that.

Interception Pylon + Sheila

Admittedly, this is a bit of a troll combo. Rampart and Wattson both have abilities that encourage a camping playstyle. The meta to countering Rampart, however, is very well-established at this point: Rampart is good at putting out more damage than you, with Sheila and her amped cover to help. But she doesnt deal well with grenades and other ordinance. If Sheila is in its mounted form, giving it unlimited ammunition, this goes double. Getting off the gun takes too much time when a grenade lands at your feet. 

Therefore, put Sheila down with a Wattson pylon close by. Presto, your grenade problem is solved. The Interception Pylon eliminates any grenades thrown your way and lets Sheila do what she does best: put lots of bullets into the air.

Because both Rampart and Wattson are such defensive-minded characters, this ultimate combination only really works well when the two have a safe spot to play from in the later zones, and they can catch teams trying to rotate in their field of vision. Thats pretty situational, but when that situation does come up, look out. Thats an incredibly hard bunker to bust, and it comes with bullet-shaped teeth.

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