The best LoL players are using one top laner as an ADC to crush opponents in Patch 13.5

ADC mains are shaking now.

League of Legends players are highly creative individuals that always find refreshing off-meta picks for each role like support ADCs and tank top lane Karma. Recently, players started playing one top laner in the ADC role and, to everyones surprise, its doing really well in this meta.

Looking at League stat site Probuildstats, youll notice that high-Elo and pro players are now picking ChoGath in the ADC role. The main reason this pick currently holds a 52 percent win rate is that this is a dominant tank meta. If Cho’Gath is paired with a tank or any heavy CC support, players can easily all-in the enemy ADC and crush them in a single rotation.

In addition to that, ChoGaths Rupture has strong base damage and this Void champion scales nicely in the late game where he can easily out-sustain ADC carries in teamfights.

Most pro and high-Elo players are choosing Arcane Comet from the Sorcery tree with Manaflow Band, Transcendence, and Scorch. For secondary runes, players are mainly picking the Resolve tree with Second Wind and Overgrowth to sustain through the early game poke.

League players say that ChoGath bot lane has been cooking for a while now with Nick LS De Cesare outlining in a Reddit post that it’s a strong pick if paired with Senna, Leona, Thresh, or Karma. 

Chogath IS a good bot lane pick, with Senna and Leona and Thresh or Karma. It was our highest winrate bot pick and drew a lot of bans in Korea, LS explained earlier this year.

Before Riot nerfs this LS-approved pick, jump into your ranked games and conquer the bot lane.

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