The best grenade spots in Dust 2 CS:GO map

They'll never know what hit them.

Regardless of the map you’re playing in CS:GO, there will be factors that will separate you from the rest of the lobby. Your aim and knowledge of the map can allow you to stay one step ahead of the competition.

While you’ll mostly need to rely on yourself in one-vs-one situations, you can give yourself an advantage by throwing a few key grenades or smokes that can catch your enemies off guard.

Throwing a quick grenade toward where you’re headed can help you free up some space, and there are also some “grenade/smoke spots” that allow players to toss throwables to essential locations on the map without showing themselves to the enemy team.

The following grenade spots in Dust 2 can allow you to cover for your pushing teammates or flank the enemy players as they’ll help you rotate as well.

The xbox smoke

Screengrab via Valve

This smoke spot is generally used when the T side decides to play around the middle portion of the map. Make your way toward the outside long and get into the first corner on the right after passing the T spawn.

Crouch and adjust your crosshair to the edge of the building in front of you. After aligning your crosshair, stand up and jump while throwing the grenade. If done right, the smoke should land on top of the Xbox and make it impossible for the enemy AWP user to get a clear shot on your teammates pushing the middle.

The long A corner smoke

Screengrab via Valve

If you’re planning to push toward the A-side, you’ll want to use the long corner smoke to increase your chances of getting through the long doors.

 This smoke is located in the T spawn, and you’ll want to move toward the right side of the building close to the outside long. There will be a pipe on the wall and you’ll need to aim at the second valve.

Jump while throwing the smoke, and it should land between the Side pit and Blue, covering the vision of anyone peeking from long A.

The long A flash

Screengrab via Valve

Smokes may not always be the best choice depending on your strategy, if you’re looking to rush and catch your enemies off guard, you may find a better use for flashes.

Similar to the long A smoke, flashes thrown from the location below will also land at the same spot and blind enemies who are trying to peek through the long doors.

Make your way to the outside long and aim at the top edge of the wall behind the car. Jump while throwing the smoke and start running toward the long doors to make the most of your flashbang.

The deep CT cross smoke

Screengrab via Valve

You’ll need to think quickly after winning the find in the long A as the T side. The chances are the CT players around the B side will start running toward A, and you’ll need to block their vision.

This smoke will allow you to cover the line of sight below the short A. Make a left after passing the long doors and aim at the middle of the tiles before looking right. You’ll then need to aim behind the antenna and throw your smoke without jumping. 

The cross smoke

Screengrab via Valve

The cross smoke is an alternative version of the deep CT cross smoke. This one may work better when you also need to push alongside your teammates since you won’t need to stop like the previous one.

Take out your smoke after passing the long doors and aim at the edge of the crosswalk. Start moving toward the long A and jump throw the smoke.

The B door smoke

Screengrab via Valve

In most cases, the CT team will have a backup player in the middle that will have the space to assist both A and sites depending on where the T pushes. The B door gives a clear line of sight to this player, and this smoke makes sure that they don’t get an accessible peak.

Make your way to the upper B tunnels and look at the ceiling while standing next to the box near the door. Throw your smoke in-between the gap at the right bottom corner.

These are some of the most tactical smoke/grenade locations on Dust 2, but you can also throw more effective ones by using your imagination and a little bit of physics. In most cases, you’ll need to make decisions on the spot so there will be times when you may benefit more from a simple grenade throw instead of a complicated one.

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