The best CS:GO 2 evidence yet just popped up in a recent NVIDIA update

Executable files hold the key.

Another juicy bombshell has dropped on the Counter-Strike community, with new hints regarding Source 2 popping up in March’s newly released NVIDIA driver updatesand it might actually be the best evidence we’ve seen in ages.

Keen observers noticed that within the Game Profiles code for the NVIDIA drivers patch, the terms CSGO2 and CS2 both sat waiting to be discovered. While it took a little while to findthe update has been loaded up for some time nowthe community now thinks this is one massive flag suggesting Source 2 could be right around the corner.

One famous Twitter account that religiously follows the subject, GabeFollower, shared the news on March 2. You can check it out yourself by opening NVIDIA Control Panel and unticking [a] box in 3D settings, they wrote.

Before we get too excited, theres been hints of Source 2 for years now. Two different instances in late 2022 alone, suggested CS:GO 2s time could be close at hand. Both times, in the end, it all basically came to nothing.

The creation of Source 2 would require the Valve developers to closely plan the transition of their cash cow. The community market would be greatly affected, impacting the profits from the system theyve had in place for the last decade. While the tantalizing idea that Source 2 could improve the game ten-fold is a possibility, the ramifications of failing to produce a title that lives up to CS:GOs hype is a massive risk.

CS:GO has also continued to reach new heights multiple times within the last few months, and changing the recipe now could ruin that success.

Either way, its fun information and its bound to get the community hyped for a change. Hopefully, if they do release Source 2, it doesnt pale in comparison to CS:GO.

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