The April Fools announcement League of Legends players wish was real

“There is always time for tea.” —Someone from Piltover probably

As part of their April Fools celebrations, Riot Games unveiled a new product from Piltover that would have calming properties on League of Legends players. 

Piltovers finest tea is made of a mix of Xaolan leaves and Honeyfruit. This new brew of tea will offer calming abilities, helping players focus better during their games. With only one sip of this sweet premium tea, League players will forget their salty tendencies. 

Reduce the possibility of being inflicted with toxic behavior, tilted mentality, and overall awful mood that would decimate the synergy among teammates drink Piltovers tea!

All Xaolan leaves have been imported directly from the Navori region, while the succulent Honeyfruits were responsibly harvested without disturbing local wildlife or permanently damaging the local ecosystemprobably. But players can trust the label on the products package to check the derivation of the products, which would likely read as follows.

Piltovers finest tea is a premium blend of natural ingredients sourced responsibly by Piltovers explorers and mixed with precision by tea masters. The City of Progress cares for its consumers and their values, and assures that it has not exploited indigenous territories for their resources and would not treat people who are less privileged than they are with disregard. Piltovers Finest Tea will be available soon, with more Runeterra-inspired flavors to come in the future!

The meticulously crafted metal box with the precious mix of calming ingredients would have been a beau-tea-ful gift for all League players except that it is a fools hope to obtain such an item in life. The April Fools joke from Riot Games will surely give visibili-tea to the ever present issue of the saltiness and toxicity in the game, leaving the players wishing for such a product to exist. 

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