The 7 things Dr Disrespect claims Warzone devs must fix to save CoD battle royale from dying

The two-time has made a short (long) list.

Dr Disrespects fans in the Champions Club know better than anyone that his feelings toward Warzone 2 and the franchise as a whole are more volatile than the weather during El Niño and La Niña climate patterns.

Just look at his track record in the Call of Duty cycle.

First, the two-time had major concerns ahead of its release. Then, he caved in to the hype as it drew closer and was uncharacteristically optimistic about playing it. That didnt last long once it released, though.

Let’s take a look at the seven things the famous CoD YouTuber thinks need to be improved to keep the popular battle royale alive heading into 2023 and beyond too.

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Dr Disrespect’s biggest problems with Warzone 2

Footsteps”Super raw!”

After dying to what he thought was an 11-year-old kid who could hear his every move during his Nov. 23 YouTube stream, Dr Disrespect made the bold claim that footsteps should be removed, or Dead Silence should be on permanently.

Imagine if nobody had footsteps in the game. Nobody. There were no footsteps whatsoever. None, he said. Its all instinctual. It comes down to if you spot them. Its just super raw! You have to try to feel it out.

“I feel like thats one of the things this game could really benefit from. Just completely eliminate footstep sounds. Dont have it at all. Everyone has Dead Silence in every game mode. Multiplayer, Warzone. Just do that!

“Corny” TTK just too quick

The two-time isn’t a fan of the time-to-kill in Warzone 2. He described it as “corny” due how inconsistent it was. In some battles, his squad dies at the speed of light, and in others, they’d survive much longer. He also claimed if the devs don’t do something about it, the battle royale title would start losing players in less than two months.

He’s tired of CoD camping

Doc believes camping is stronger than ever in Warzone 2 due to the insufferable combination of killstreaks, purple armor, and proximity chat. Together, this trifecta of features in their current state makes campers an absolute pain to deal withmore so than they already were.

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“Crazy” ADS flinching

As someone who is a fan of silky smooth gunplay, Dr Disrespect isn’t a fan of the “crazy” flinching that happens when aiming down the sights in Warzone 2. The two-time finds the uncontrollable squirming to be distracting in the heat of battle and believes it ruins fluidity and responsivenessboth of which are essential when taking on skilled players.

Proximity chat”Fourth-grade design!”

Warzone 2’s proximity chat was touted as being one of its most revolutionary features that would make the experience far more immersive. The two-time isn’t convinced of that, thoughat least, not in its current state. He slammed it for having what he deemed to be a fourth-grade design, and believes it’s in desperate need of some fine-tuning.

Glitch in the Gulag

Dr Disrespect hates the fact that, rather than having no choice but to take part in an intense 2v2 in the Gulag, an AI mini-boss known as the Jailer spawns after a certain amount of time, and all four players can team up to take it down to escape the prison.

The two-time hates it because it’s an “easy out” for CoD gamers.

“Atrocious, awful” armor system

Last but not least, Dr Disrespect feels like the Warzone 2 armor system is somewhat imbalanced in its current state. It also ties into his thoughts on the looting system, which he feels is “atrocious” and “awful” from a design standpoint.

Image via Activision

These are the seven things Dr Disrespect wants the Warzone 2 developers to fix moving forward. Some are more pressing than others, but until they’re all improved, he’ll have a hard time enjoying the game.

If that doesn’t happen, there’s a good chance he’ll move onespecially once his own game, DEADROP, bursts onto the scene. But that could be a while away.

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