The 10 League champions entering Season 13 as the worst in the game

Unlucky start of the season.

Believe it or not, the 13th season of League of Legends starts today. As were slowly warming up our wrists, dusting off our keyboards, and jogging up our memory on how to once again perform at our peak, heres the list of 10 League champions that ended Preseason 13 and are starting Season 13 in a not so bright spot.

If we take a look at statistics from one of the most popular League stat websites,, we can see that currently, the worst champion in the game is jungle Twitch, with a win rate of only 42.59 percent. At roughly 45 percent win rate, we have mid lane Ezrael, Azir, Lee Sin, and everyones favorite cat, Yuumi.

Sitting at 46 percent win rate are jungle Zed, top lane Gragas, mid lane Ryze, Rengar, and once again Ryze, but this time in the top lane. 

Generally speaking, half of the champions on this tier list normally find themselves as meta picks in other lanes, with, for example, Twitch currently being one of the strongest AD carries in the game. In other words, these picks, although viable off-meta picks, could be considered borderline picks that dont see much action and have one to two percent pick rate. 

The only surprising champions on this list are Azir and Ryze since they are far from viable in their regular roles. Hopefully, this will change with all Rod of Ages and Seraphs Embraces buffs for these unlucky, yet popular pro play picks.

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